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By admin, October 26, 2009 3:04 am

Welcome to your union!

We are Local 3907 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).

We represent all Graduate Assistants at OISE. We are a dynamic and vocal organization promoting your rights as working people. If you are a Graduate Assistant at OISE, you are a member.

We hold General Members Meetings every two months to communicate with you, our members. We also hold executive meetings every month. Members are invited to attend both types of meetings.

Why are unions important?

Unions are necessary political groups that bring workers together to collectively organize for better living standards for workers, their families and their communities. The basic role of unions is to defend members’ jobs by making sure the value of work is properly recognized by those who make the key economic decisions in our society. The labour movement is a key part of the changing reality of Canada’s largest urban centre, Toronto.

A union gives workers a collective voice when dealing with their employer. A written contract between workers and their employer, called the collective agreement, lays out the terms and conditions of work, including benefits, holidays, and wages. Union members decide together what issues are most important to them and then a bargaining committee meets with the employer to negotiate. Over 95% of the time, a contract is agreed upon without a strike or a lockout. After an agreement has been struck, a signed collective agreement does not guarantee that it will be respected. Unions also work to ensure that the terms of the contract are honoured by employers.

What unions helped to achieve in Canada:

Healthcare. Unions bargained healthcare benefits for their own members, then helped to win a national public healthcare system in Canada.
Employment Standards. Unions fought to establish minimum wages, work hours and overtime pay.
Holidays. At one time, workers lost income if they wanted time off – unions bargained for paid holidays and vacations.
Health and Safety. Union pressure and workplace action forced governments to enact laws to protect workers’ health and safety.
Unemployment Insurance. The labour movement organized to demand benefits for people who lost their jobs.
Paid maternity leave. It took strikes in the public sector to win paid maternity leave for women, now part of federal law.
Human Rights. Union contacts were the first to forbid discrimination in the workplace.
If you are interested in getting involved in your union, please contact us!

In person: CUPE 3907 is located in Room 8-104 at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at 252 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario. Our office hours are posted on the door.

By email: cupe3907@gmail.com
By telephone: 416 978 2403
By fax: 416 926 4728

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