Brother Ajamu offers for CUPE Ontario general vice-president

By admin, August 7, 2009 12:54 pm

Read about Brother Ajamu Nangwaya’s campaign for Ontario GVP, Brother Ajamu offers for Ontario General Vice President of CUPE, on the platform that it is time to increase ‘class solidarity and consciousness’:

TORONTO, August 7, 2009 – Brother Ajamu Nangwaya, the 3rd Vice-President on the executive board of CUPE Ontario, announces his intention to run for the position of General Vice-President (Ontario) at the 2009 National CUPE Convention in Montreal.

“Since the late 1970s, the economic and political elites in Canada have intensified a campaign of class warfare on those of us who sell our labour to put bread on our tables and a roof over our heads,” explains Ajamu. “This class warfare of the rich and powerful has taken the form of pro-business labour laws, underfunding of healthcare and post-secondary education, privatization of public service, claw-back of pension benefits, expansion of poorly paid, no benefits part-time jobs, and blaming the working class for the failures of capitalism.” As workers, we need to respond to this assault by increasing class solidarity and consciousness within ourselves and our labour unions as well as other labour organizations.

Further, we must strengthen the internal democratic process within CUPE to achieve democracy from below, use the courses at CUPE Schools and other educationals to enhance members’ political education and understanding of their class needs and interests and advance equity and human rights to check-mate the ruling class’s strategy of divide and rule.

Brother Ajamu will execute a campaign that firmly emphasizes the need for union renewal, equity, political education and economic literacy, and class solidarity. “The campaign will make it clear that in order for Canada’s working class majority to win at the bargaining table and become the class that sets the economic, social and political priorities, the members of this class need to become better aware of their interest and be resolutely guided by that awareness,” says Ajamu. In order for workers to achieve economic justice and equity in Canada, we need labour unions and leaders who are able to think and act outside the box of political and economic conformity.

When asked about the source of his ongoing passion for social justice, Brother Ajamu responded “I am consistently guided by the belief that to whom much is given, much is expected.”

The Committee to Elect Ajamu Nangwaya looks forward to your contribution to a campaign whose candidate is all about a different type of trade union activism that will achieve economic and political victory by Canada’s working class majority.

Brother Ajamu Nangwaya, member, CUPE 3907Brother Ajamu Nangwaya, member, CUPE 3907

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