NEW GA Process for Summer 2017 and Fall/Winter 2017-18

From the Graduate Funding Office:

The NEW GA process only effects those students who are defined as “Group A” and “Group B” in the collective agreement.

Group A and Group B include students who are:
– PhD years 1-5 (including Flex time)
– EdDs year 1-5
– MA year 1-2 (for SCCP, please include year 3 as well)
– MT, MED, MA-Child Studies year 1-2
Dear Graduate Students,
Over the past summer and into the fall, members of the CUPE3907 executive and senior administration at OISE held numerous meetings to discuss the process of allocating Summer Graduate Assistantships; and Fall/Winter Graduate Assistants (GA) for student outside the funded cohort.
We are delighted to announce that, as a result of these meetings, we have established a NEW process for GA allocations which will guide the process for Summer 2017 and Fall/Winter 2017-18. For more information on the terms of the memorandum of agreement, please see, Memorandum of Agreement – Appendix A: October 17, 2016 – April 30, 2018,
In accordance with the agreement, Summer 2017 GA positions will be posted on the GA website in late March. More information regarding the application process will be available on the GA website in early March 2017.

OISE Graduate Student Funding Office