PAID OPPORTUNITY: Returning Officer Needed for Upcoming Elections

We are looking for a Returning Officer to run the upcoming elections to chose the 2017-2018 executive.

This is paid opportunity. The Returning Officershall hold office for one (1) year and shall receive honoraria of $500 for the year. The Returning Officer shall be a member of the Local who is neither an officer nor a candidate for office, and shall have the full responsibility for establishing and regulating voting procedures for elections or by-elections held in the Local including, but not limited to, those for Executive Officers, Trustees, and the Bargaining Committee.

The Returning Officer shall treat information submitted in connection with their responsibilities as confidential. The Returning Officer shall determine the form of the ballot and the procedure for electronic voting or physical polling to allow opportunity for members to vote. The Returning Officer must be fair and impartial. The National Representative assigned to the Local Union shall serve as an advisor to the Returning Officer when requested by the Local Union.

Interested participants can please contact to put their name forward.