Looking for Committee Members and Stewards!

Get involved with your union!

Departmental Stewards

We’re seeking members to serve as department stewards. Stewards serve as representatives of the union at the departmental level. Members having questions, grievances, or other issues concerning their employment can consult their Steward or the Chief Steward, who will advise them on matters relating to the Collective Agreement.
We encourage members to become stewards for their departments. The position provides a valuable service to our members and training is provided free of cost. For more info or if you have any questions please get in touch with the Chief Steward, Emil Marmol at chiefsteward@cupe3907.ca.

Committee Members Needed for the following Committees:


  1. Ensure that Local By-Law requirements of adequate notice are met;
  2. Inform members of events and activities.
  3. Communicate advocacy positions taken by the membership of the Local to the larger  community through all relevant means;
  4. Produce a regular newsletter;
  5. Oversee the maintenance of the website and provide content to webmaster for posting;
  6. Peruse the media and respond to issues of relevance to the Local;
  7. Assist the Recording Secretary with assembling and producing all press releases newsletters, posters and other communication initiatives.


The duties of the Education Committee shall include but not be limited to the following:

  1. Determine the educational needs of the membership, stewards and executive officers and
    facilitate or direct them to the requisite training, workshop, conference or educational to
    address the learning need(s).
  2. Assist the Chair, Education and Human Rights with the publicizing of CUPE School and
    other educationals.
  3. Prepare registration forms, plan or coordinate travel plans and execute other related tasks
    to ensure that members get to educationals.
  4. Liaise with the Locals’ other committees on matters concerning human rights.
  5. To take on educational issues as directed by the Executive Committee.


This committee will:

  1. Review the bylaws annually and make recommendations to the Executive
    Board on proposed amendments.
  2. Review any proposed amendments received from the Executive Board or
    membership of the Local Union to ensure that the amendments will conform to the
    remainder of the bylaws and the CUPE National Constitution
  3. Ensure that the Local Union’s bylaws are written in clear language, ensuring that clear language does not change the intent or meaning of the bylaws.


This committee is being revived, be a part of it to shape how your union works on social justice and equity.