Nominations for 2018-2019 Executive and Bargaining Committee

The Nomination period for the upcoming 2018-2019 Executive will be open from February 28 until March 19th at 11:59pm [UPDATE: nominations have been extended to March 26, at 11:59pm]. Interested nominees will need to email the CRO (Chief Returning Officer) – Mr. Adrian Aziz at: Nominees should include their name as it appears on their student card and the position they are applying for. They must include their telephone number, email address and student number in their email. The following positions are available:

Executive Committee:

Each member of the executive will serve from May 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019. Executive members earn an honorarium of $500 each month for their labour. They are required to attend executive meetings twice a month (except for July and August), and general members meetings once a month (except for May to August).

President duties include:

i. be responsible for the smooth and efficient operation of the Local;

ii. ensure that all Executive Officers perform their assigned duties;

iii. preside at all membership and Executive Committee meetings and preserve order;

iv. decide all points of order and procedure, subject to appeal by the membership; v. interpret these bylaws as required and as supported by a majority of the Executive Committee, subject to appeal to the membership;

vi. sign all authorizations, cheques, expense forms or requests for payment, Collective Agreements, and other official documents of the Local;

vii. be responsible, in conjunction with the Treasurer, for accounting all funds of the Local and shall ensure that the Local’s funds are used only as authorized or directed by the Constitution, Bylaws, or vote of the membership;

viii. in conjunction with the Recording Secretary, ensure that proper notice is provided to the membership for all meetings and referenda, including strike votes and ratification votes;

ix. have the same right to vote as other members; In the case of a tie vote, the President may cast another vote or the President may refrain from casting an additional vote, in which case the motion is defeated. This does not apply for elections or by-elections;

x. fill committee vacancies where elections are not provided for;

xi. introduce new members and conduct them through the initiation procedures of the CUPE Constitution;

xii. report regularly to the Executive Committee and the membership on their actions.

Vice President duties include:

i. be responsible for developing and maintaining contacts and liaisons with organizations within the University community and with such outside organizations as the Executive Committee deems necessary or valuable;

ii. represent the Local at meetings of the Union at the provincial and national levels, of other locals, and in relation to other groups as necessary;

iii. be charged with keeping informed of legislative and regulatory developments at the provincial and national levels, as well as within the University and the larger University community;

iv. represent the Local, or ensure the Local’s representation at all relevant Councils of the Union;

v. be the Local’s liaison with the Union; vi. report regularly to the Executive Committee and the membership on their actions;

vii. be responsible, in conjunction with Recording Secretary for the production and distribution of a Local newsletter and the maintenance of the website of the Local;

viii. preside over membership and Executive Committee meetings in the absence of the President.

Recording Secretary duties include:

i. oversee the overall maintenance of the Local’s records;

ii. keep a full, accurate, and impartial account of the proceedings of all Regular, Special, And Annual membership meetings and Executive meetings. These records must also include a copy of the full financial report (Executive Committee meetings) and the written financial report presented by the Treasurer. The record will also include Trustee reports;

iii. have all records ready on reasonable notice for the Trustees or auditors;

iv. keep an accurate record of the membership of the Local, including departmental rankings, monthly membership lists to account for changes in the membership according to Article 4 of these bylaws, and all other records which the Executive Committee or membership deem necessary. All such records shall be kept in the Local office;

v. preside over membership and Executive Committee meetings in the absence of both the President and Vice-President;

vi. record all amendments and/or additions in the bylaws, and make certain that these are sent to the National President for approval prior to implementing;

vii. prepare and distribute all notices to members;

viii. ensure the production and transportation of adequate supplies of relevant supporting documentation for membership meetings;

ix. prepare all unfinished business for presentation at the next consecutive membership meeting;

x. keep a record of all correspondence received and sent out;

xi. answer correspondence and fulfill other administrative duties as directed by the Executive Committee.

Treasurer duties include:

i. Develop a draft budget to present to the membership and enforce the budget as approved by the membership.

ii. Receive all revenue, initiation fees, dues, and assessments, keeping a record of each member’s payments, and deposit promptly all money with a bank or credit union.

iii. Sign all cheques and ensure that the Local Union’s funds are used only as authorized or directed by the CUPE Constitution, Local Union bylaws, or vote of the membership.

iv. Ensure that per capita tax is paid by direct remittance, or where per capita is not paid by direct remittance, prepare all CUPE National per capita tax forms and remit payment, including $1.00 of each initiation fee on all members admitted, no later than the last day of the following month.

v. Be responsible for maintaining, organizing, safeguarding and keeping on file all supporting documents, authorizations, invoices and/or expense claims for every disbursement made, receipts for all money sent to CUPE National, as well as records and supporting documents for all income received by the Local Union.

vi. Record all financial transactions in a manner acceptable to the Executive and in accordance with good accounting practices.

vii. Make a full financial report to meetings of the Local Union’s Executive.

viii. Make a written financial report to each regular membership meeting, detailing all income and expenditures for the period.

ix. Be bonded through the master bond held by CUPE National. Any Treasurer who cannot qualify for the bond shall be disqualified from office.

x. Pay no money unless supported by a cheque requisition or expense form or request for payment duly signed by the President and one other member of the Executive as determined by the Executive. No request shall be required for payment of per capita fees to any organization to which the Local Union is affiliated.

xi. Make all books available for inspection by the Trustees and/or auditors on reasonable notice. Ensure that the books are audited at least once each calendar year and within a reasonable time, respond in writing to any recommendations and concerns raised by the Trustees.

xii. Provide the Trustees with any information the Trustees require to complete the audit, including forms provided by CUPE National.

xiii. Where required, not later than February 28 th each year, furnish each member, on the forms supplied by CUPE National, with a statement showing the net amount of tax-deductible dues paid by him during the preceding calendar year.

xiv. Notify all members who are one month in arrears and report to the Executive Committee all members two or more months in arrears in the payment of union dues.

xv. Chair the Financial Assistance Fund committee to review applications received under the provisions of the Collective Agreement with the Employer.

Chief Steward duties include:

i. ensure the proper administration of the collective agreement;

ii. coordinate the elections of Stewards in each department during the fall of each academic session;

iii. coordinate Steward orientation, training, and activities and have copies of the Steward’s Handbook available;

iv. ensure that a monthly meeting of Stewards occurs; v. ensure that each department is duly represented by a Steward, and shall encourage the organization of the Local within each department;

vi. facilitate communication among departments with the Executive Committee through the departmental Stewards;

vii. handle all grievances according to the Grievance Procedure as outlined in the Collective Agreement;

viii. cause adequate records of all grievances conducted by the Local to be maintained in the Local office;

ix. coordinate the observers of the Local for the GAA ranking process for the various departments;

x. coordinate the Local’s membership fall orientation and work-related workshops.


Bargaining Committee:

We are looking for up to 5 members to join the Bargaining Committee. The Bargaining committee prepares a survey of proposals for the collective agreement for members to give, and will take part in negotiating a new collective agreement for Graduate Assistants at OISE. There will be training opportunities for those who have never participated in the process before. Members will be compensated $25/hour for their time and will have child/dependent care associated with their time spent on the committee reimbursed with receipts.

The dates for bargaining have not been set, but will likely take place in the late summer to early fall of 2018. However if you’re interested but unsure of the dates please put your name forward anyway. Not all members of the bargaining committee need to be available for every meeting and getting involved with this committee is a great opportunity to advocate for better wages and working conditions for you and your fellow GAs.

You do not need to run for a position on the bargaining committee at this time. To get involved please email