Executive Elections to Begin April 5 to April 8

Hello Members of CUPE 3907,

My name is Adrian Aziz. I am the Chief Returning Officer (CRO) for CUPE 3907
Executive Elections 2018. The Nomination Period for Executive positions for 2018 –
2019 are now closed.

Three positions were acclaimed this year because these positions were not contested. I am
pleased to announce Janelle Baptiste-Brady as the President of the Executive Committee.
Emil Marmol will serve as Chief Stewart. The Treasurer will be Chrystal Smith.

This year the two contested positions are for Vice President and Recording Secretary.
Jacqueline Getfield and Emma Ghosn are both running for the position of Vice-President.
Mama Nii Owoo and Yetunde Banjo are both running for Recording Secretary.

The Voting period is from Thursday April 5th at 12:01 am until Sunday April 8th at
11:59 pm. If you attempt to vote before April 5 th at 12:01 am you will get an error
message. You will not be allowed to vote after April 8 th at 11:59 pm. Simply Voting and I
will be sending you instructions about how to vote via email closer to the start of the

Below are the statements of each candidate:


Vice President

You may select one of the following candidates for Vice President:

Emma Ghosn 
It is critical to elect a leader with integrity and vision during these challenging times but
not impossible. Hello, my name is Emma Ghosn and I am a second year PhD student in
Educational Leadership and Policy. I am running for Vice-President of CUPE to improve
union members’ experience at OISE and make a difference. I have always been interested
in union work and grassroots activities because I believe change can happen when we
work collectively. As a candidate for the President position, I promise if elected to be
dedicated to making CUPE3907 a strong union that truly represent its members. I value
communication and transparency, which are essential in establishing and retaining union
members’ trust. In addition, being a GA myself, I know that the salary is not sufficient in
Toronto where the rent is very expensive. I would advocate for more funding if elected
and would work on increasing the opportunities for more GA positions.

I believe I have the capabilities to lead and improve CUPE. I have been doing GA
research on teacher unions for a year. Thus, I am quite familiar with union work and am
able to bring innovative ideas to our union. Moreover, I have worked nine years as a
senior accountant at a reputable university and engaged in union activities as a staff. I
have held leadership positions in student clubs during my undergraduate years as a
president and treasurer. I was also a board member in the World Youth Alliance (NGO).

Jacqueline Getfield 
Jacqueline Getfield has served as a board member of several non-profit organizations. If
elected to the position of Vice-President of CUPE 3907, Jacqueline will bring over 25
years of professional experience in universities, business, industry and non-profit
organizations in Canada and abroad to the 2018-2019 executive team of CUPE 3907.
Over the years, Jacqueline has held position titles including Executive Director, Director
of Communication, Public Relations Manager, and as such, she will ably represent the
Local at union meetings and at the University of Toronto. She demonstrates the skills,
maturity and political acuity to develop strategic relations with groups and entities at the
University of Toronto and with external organizations.

Currently, Jacqueline is a PhD student in the Department of Social Justice Education at
the University of Toronto. Her research focuses on the impact of educational and health
policies on the engagement practices of Black mothers of children challenged by

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson University, an
MSc in Government from the University of the West Indies and a certificate in Dispute
Resolution from York University.

Recently, the City of Vaughan recognized and celebrated Jacqueline’s voluntary
contribution as Chair of the Family Engagement Council of the Children Treatment
Network, a pediatric rehabilitation centre in Simcoe County and York Region. She has
served as a member of the York Region District School Board’s Parent, Family and
Community Advisory Council and is a member of the Ontario Association of Black
School Educators (ONABSE).


Recording Secretary

You may select one of the following candidates for Recording Secretary:

Yetunde Banjo
Hello there! My name is Yetunde Banjo, I am running for the office of Recording
Secretary for CUPE 3907 local. I am a second year PhD student in the department of
Social Justice Education. If elected, I will make it a priority to advocate for more
summer GA positions for students and create more awareness about the benefits available
through CUPE 3907. I will greatly appreciate your vote to serve in this position.

Mama Nii Owoo
My name is Mama Adobea Nii Owoo. As Recording Secretary of CUPE 3907, I aspire to
serve you by keeping all channels of information open and easily accessible to all
members.  Additionally, I will work at disseminating opportunities available for
professional development within and without our union to member networks. I pledge to
work in tandem with executives of CUPE 3907 to move the unit forward during
bargaining. I will work to enhance communication throughout membership and the
executive body and encourage member participation by improving upon previous union
literacy initiatives. I come into this position with a background in student affairs and
service from 4 different tertiary institutions across five countries. I have served as a
trustee of the union’s yearly financial audits, and I am familiar with the local’s
constitution, bylaws and collective agreements. I am the outgoing graduate governor for
the Humanities and Social Sciences division of the University of Toronto Governing
Council and outgoing president of the OISE Graduate Students’ Association. I have also
served and advised in my capacity as a student representative on several university
boards and committees. I have learned during my time in student governance the
importance of actively listening to the student body while critically anticipating students’
needs in order to effectively bargain for our interests. I am a second year doctoral student
in the department of Curriculum Teaching and Learning. I hope to achieve this with your
support. Thank you for your vote and your consideration.
Mama Nii Owoo

The link for the elections is: https://cupe3907.simplyvoting.com
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at: cro@cupe3907.ca

Adrian Aziz