Union Leadership Vacancies

Nominations for the following CUPE 3907 positions are open:

  • CRO
  • Stewards: APHD, CTL, SJE, LHAE
  • Bargaining Support Committee
  • Standing Committees
  • FAF Committee Members
  • Trustees

Returning Officer

The Returning Officer shall hold office for one (1) year and shall receive honoraria of $500 for the year. The Returning Officer shall be a member of the Local who is neither an officer nor a candidate for office, and shall have the full responsibility for establishing and regulating voting procedures for elections or by-elections held in the Local including, but not limited to, those for Executive Officers, Trustees, the Bargaining Committee, and convention delegates. More details available in the Bylaws (Article 14)

Departmental Stewards

Serving as a steward is a great way to become involved in the union, assist members, and ensure that issues affecting graduate workers in your department are brought to the union’s attention. Currently, there is one vacancy for EACH of the following departments: SJE, CTL, LHAE and APHD. This is a volunteer position. More details available in the Bylaws (Article 10)

If you are interested, please email the Chief Steward, Wales Wong, at chiefsteward@cupe3907.ca.

Bargaining Support Committee

Interested in supporting your CUPE local during bargaining? Join the Bargaining Support Committee!
As members of the Bargaining Support Committee, you will support in mobilizing the Local’s resources to amplify members’ voices. You are responsible for organizing fellow members, the University, and the community in support of our union’s aims in bargaining, and will organize the membership if a strike vote is needed.
If a strike is undertaken, the Bargaining Support Committee will become the Strike Committee.
If you would like more information, contact Wales Wong (chiefsteward@cupe3907.ca).
Standing Committees with paid honorarium

We also have many committees that are dedicated to issues affecting our membership:

  • Communications & Outreach Committee
  • Equity and Human Rights Committee
  • Education Committee

Financial Assistance Fund Committee Members

We need three (3) members to join the Financial Assistance Fund Committee to distribute the Hardship Fund, Child Care Fund, and UHIP Funds. The time commitment is about 2 hours.

Committee members need to be current members of CUPE 3907 on the date of the FAF committee meeting. Committee members must be available for the fund distribution meeting. Committee members will receive an honorarium of $50 for their time.

Please email treasurer@cupe3907.ca if you are interested.


The Trustees are elected by members to act as an auditing committee on their behalf. The position will require approximately 7 hours. No past union or financial experience is required, as there are significant training. There is a $100 honorarium. Details of the position are available in the Bylaws (article 11).