🎉Congratulations!🎉OISE GAs are officially members of CUPE 3902!

Congratulations! At the March 8, 2022 GMM, CUPE 3907 members voted unanimously to transfer our jurisdiction to CUPE 3902. Today, CUPE National has approved this transfer of jurisdiction.

It’s now official: as OISE GAs, YOU are now members of CUPE 3902, Unit 7!

Unity and solidarity are the source of our strength as workers.

What do these changes mean for you? Please read on. You can also reach out to recordingsecretary@cupe3907.ca if you have any questions.

OISE GA bargaining

  • Within CUPE 3902, OISE GAs will be a separate bargaining unit with its own collective agreement. CUPE 3902 already has six other bargaining units.
  • The Bargaining Committee (Alissa Cherry, Asmita Bhutani and Justin Holloway) will continue the negotiations process with U of T until a tentative agreement is reached.
  • You will continue to receive regular bargaining updates.
  • When a tentative agreement is reached, you will be provided with notice of a ratification meeting where you can vote on accepting the tentative agreement.

Your rights at work as an OISE GA

  • The current Collective Agreement is in force until a tentative agreement is ratified by members.
  • You can contact recordingsecretary@cupe3907.ca if you have any questions about your rights at work as an OISE GA.

Union office, communications and website

  • Follow CUPE 3902 on Facebook
  • Follow CUPE 3902 on Twitter
  • You will soon begin receiving emails from CUPE 3902 once all OISE GAs are added to their communications list. Learn more about your local union here.
  • During negotiations, U of T has responded positively to OISE GAs continuing to maintain an office at OISE. This can only be officially confirmed once it is agreed to in a tentative settlement.

Please note that the CUPE 3907 website as well as the cupe3907.ca domain name and email addresses will be discontinued as of April 15, 2022.