12th Annual Strawberry Ceremony

12th Annual Strawberry Ceremony for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, Trans and Two-Spirit People


The Strawberry Ceremony honours the lives of missing and murdered First Nations women, girls, trans and two-spirit people.

Media and public attention to this issue has continued to grow since last year’s ceremony, but Indigenous women are still going missing and being murdered.

CUPE Ontario and the CUPE Ontario Aboriginal Council encourage all members who can to participate in this important event. Please leave your agency, institutional and organization banners at home and instead make signs in honour of Indigenous women, girls, trans and two-spirit people who have died violent and premature deaths.

WHAT: Strawberry Ceremony with Elder Wanda Whitebird
WHEN: February 14, 2017 at 12:30 pm
WHERE: Police Headquarters, 40 College Street (at Bay), Toronto

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PAID OPPORTUNITY: Returning Officer Needed for Upcoming Elections

We are looking for a Returning Officer to run the upcoming elections to chose the 2017-2018 executive.

This is paid opportunity. The Returning Officershall hold office for one (1) year and shall receive honoraria of $500 for the year. The Returning Officer shall be a member of the Local who is neither an officer nor a candidate for office, and shall have the full responsibility for establishing and regulating voting procedures for elections or by-elections held in the Local including, but not limited to, those for Executive Officers, Trustees, and the Bargaining Committee.

The Returning Officer shall treat information submitted in connection with their responsibilities as confidential. The Returning Officer shall determine the form of the ballot and the procedure for electronic voting or physical polling to allow opportunity for members to vote. The Returning Officer must be fair and impartial. The National Representative assigned to the Local Union shall serve as an advisor to the Returning Officer when requested by the Local Union.

Interested participants can please contact cupe3907@gmail.com to put their name forward.

NEW GA Process for Summer 2017 and Fall/Winter 2017-18

From the Graduate Funding Office:

The NEW GA process only effects those students who are defined as “Group A” and “Group B” in the collective agreement.

Group A and Group B include students who are:
– PhD years 1-5 (including Flex time)
– EdDs year 1-5
– MA year 1-2 (for SCCP, please include year 3 as well)
– MT, MED, MA-Child Studies year 1-2
Dear Graduate Students,
Over the past summer and into the fall, members of the CUPE3907 executive and senior administration at OISE held numerous meetings to discuss the process of allocating Summer Graduate Assistantships; and Fall/Winter Graduate Assistants (GA) for student outside the funded cohort.
We are delighted to announce that, as a result of these meetings, we have established a NEW process for GA allocations which will guide the process for Summer 2017 and Fall/Winter 2017-18. For more information on the terms of the memorandum of agreement, please see, Memorandum of Agreement – Appendix A: October 17, 2016 – April 30, 2018,
In accordance with the agreement, Summer 2017 GA positions will be posted on the GA website in late March. More information regarding the application process will be available on the GA website in early March 2017. http://www.oise.utoronto.ca/oise/Current_Students/Graduate_Student_Funding/Grad_Student_Jobs/Graduate_Assistantship/index.html

OISE Graduate Student Funding Office

Get Involved with CUPE 3907

We are currently seeking members to run for 3 Trustee positions, and members to join our committees. These nominations and elections will take place at the next General Membership Meeting to be held on Monday, October 17 from 11am to 1pm in room 5-220. If you are interested or have any questions please contact cupe3907@gmail.com.


11.1  – The Local shall have three (3) Trustees, who shall be elected by the membership. Any
member in good standing in the Local who is not a member of the Executive Committee
may be elected. The term of office for all Trustees is May 1 of the year in which their
election takes place to April 30 of the third year following. Should a Trustee position be
vacated, an election shall be held at the subsequent General Membership Meeting.
11.2  – Notwithstanding the above, there shall be an initial Trustee election in which one Trustee
shall be elected for a term of one year, one for two years and one for three years.
Elections in subsequent years shall be for a term of three years in order that the Local
retains a rotation of new and experienced Trustees.
11.3  – The Trustees shall:

  1. Act as an auditing committee on behalf of the members and audit the books and
    accounts of the Treasurer, the Recording Secretary, and the committees at least once
    every calendar year.
  2. Make a written report of their findings to the first membership meeting following the
    completion of each audit.
  3. Submit in writing to the President and Treasurer any recommendations and/or
    concerns they feel should be reviewed in order to ensure that the Local Union’s
    funds, records, and accounts are being maintained by the Recording Secretary and
    Treasurer in an organized, correct, and proper manner.
  4.  Be responsible to ensure that monies have not been paid out without proper
    constitutional or membership authorization.
  5. Ensure that proper financial reports have been given to the membership.
  6.  Audit the record of attendance.
  7. Inspect at least once a year, any stocks, bonds, securities, office furniture and
    equipment, and titles or deeds to property that may at any time be owned by the Local
    Union, and report their findings to the membership.
  8.  Send to the National Secretary-Treasurer, with a copy to the assigned Servicing
    Representative, the following documents:
    i. Completed Trustee Audit Program
    ii. Completed Trustees’ Report
    iii. Treasurer Report to the Trustees
    iv. Recommendations made to the President and Treasurer of the Local Union
    v. Treasurer’s response to recommendations
    vi. Concerns that have not been addressed by the Local Union Executive

Committee Members Needed for the following Committees:


  1. Ensure that Local By-Law requirements of adequate notice are met;
  2. Inform members of events and activities.
  3. Communicate advocacy positions taken by the membership of the Local to the larger  community through all relevant means;
  4. Produce a regular newsletter;
  5. Oversee the maintenance of the website and provide content to webmaster for posting;
  6. Peruse the media and respond to issues of relevance to the Local;
  7. Assist the Recording Secretary with assembling and producing all press releases newsletters, posters and other communication initiatives.


The duties of the Education Committee shall include but not be limited to the following:

  1. Determine the educational needs of the membership, stewards and executive officers and
    facilitate or direct them to the requisite training, workshop, conference or educational to
    address the learning need(s).
  2. Assist the Chair, Education and Human Rights with the publicizing of CUPE School and
    other educationals.
  3. Prepare registration forms, plan or coordinate travel plans and execute other related tasks
    to ensure that members get to educationals.
  4. Liaise with the Locals’ other committees on matters concerning human rights.
  5. To take on educational issues as directed by the Executive Committee.


This committee will:

  1. Review the bylaws annually and make recommendations to the Executive
    Board on proposed amendments.
  2. Review any proposed amendments received from the Executive Board or
    membership of the Local Union to ensure that the amendments will conform to the
    remainder of the bylaws and the CUPE National Constitution
  3. Ensure that the Local Union’s bylaws are written in clear language, ensuring that clear language does not change the intent or meaning of the bylaws.



This committee is being revived, be a part of it to shape how your union works on social justice and equity.

Make It Fair Rally


Join us on Saturday, October 1 for the the Make in Fair Rally.  CUPE Ontario will begin our rally at Queen’s Park at 12 noon and will be joined by thousands of others by 1 pm. CUPE Ontario will be providing food and there will be entertainment at the event.

For more information, click here..


Summer Financial Assistance Fund – Forms and Information

Reminder: If you held a Summer Graduate Assistantship or R&D Graduate Assistantship, there  three funds that are available for you to apply for. Please read these guidelines for eligibility.

a) The Hardship Fund – form here
b) The Childcare Fund – form here
c) The UHIP Rebate Fund – form here

The deadline for the applications is Monday, August 22. Regretfully no late applications will be assessed. While you may personally deliver or mail your application, you may wish to opt to email your submission for your own records (please email cupe3907@gmail.com). You must provide receipts for ALL your claims. Please provide us with a current mailing address where we can mail your checks.

CIARS 2016 Decolonizing Conference

SAVE THE DATE: November 3-5th, 2016


The Centre for Integrative Anti-Racism Studies (CIARS) invites submissions for the 2016 “Decolonizing Conference”. The Decolonizing Conference is taking place at OISE/U of T from November 3-5th, 2016, with a pre-conference happening Nov. 2. We invite participation from Faculty, Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students, Artists, and Activists to engage the central theme of the conference, and we offer a wide range of submission categories.

Conference Theme | “Race, Anti-Racism and Indigeneity: Anti-Colonial Resurgence and Decolonial Resistance”

Speakers | Keynotes Taiaiake Alfred, Joyce E. King, Walter D. Mignolo
Featured Speakers (and more!) |
Haydon King, Jose Aylwin, Andrea Davis, Sandy Grande, Afua Cooper, Carl James, Njoki Wane, Peter McLaren, Lee Maracle, Sherene Razack, Eve Tuck

Submission Categories

1. Individual papers
2. Individual posters
3. Group poster sessions
4. Group panel sessions
5. Workshops (aimed at enhancing Undergraduate/Graduate Student learning)
6. Other Critical Contributions: Arts-based Installations and Other New Media (Poetry, Songs, Dance, audio-based media such as podcasts, Visual media such as Film)

Share with Your Networks!

Like the Decolonizing Conference FB Page
Join the Decolonizing Conference FB Event Page

Visit the website: http://www.decolonizingconference.com/

the PDF of the Full Call for Abstracts online: http://www.decolonizingconference.com/call-for-abstracts (attached)

online: $50 Faculty and $25 Students

Celebrate Caribbean Carnival with CUPE

Caribbean Carnival is on Saturday, July 30, 2016 in Toronto.

The Racial Justice Committee of CUPE Ontario is hard at work preparing for the 226th celebration of the passing of the 1793 Act Against Slavery. CUPE members are hard at work against the continuing obstacles to equity and equality, particularly the precarious employment situation for racialized workers.

Join other CUPE members through CUPE Ontario at various dates set out below at the MAS CAMP open houses for measurements and fittings.

Carnival Mas Camp Theme – “Islands in D’ Sun”
29 Commercial Road, Toronto (Eglinton and Laird)

Measurement and fitting dates at the Mas Camp:

Sunday, June 19 5:00pm
Wednesday June 22 5pm to 9pm, Friday June 24th 6pm to 9pm
Saturday June 25th 1pm to 7pm, Sunday June 26th 1pm to 7pm,
Wednesday June 29th 5pm to 9pm, Friday July 1st 1pm to 4pm
Saturday July 2nd 1pm to 7pm
Sunday July 3rd 1pm to 7pm THIS IS THE FINAL FITTING DAY

CUPE will cover costume and refreshment costs for CUPE members.
A Limited number are available!!

Read more about the history of Emancipation Day here and the current work against racism and inequality here.

Updates from CUPE Ontario Convention 2016

Check out the newsletters from the recent CUPE convention, which took place here in Toronto. CUPE 3907 sent 5 representatives who participated in the Ontario University Workers Coordinating Committee Meeting and the Global Justice Committee panel discussion. Thanks to our delegates for their hard work!