2021-2022 Department Stewards

Department Stewards serve as representatives of the Local at the departmental level. Members having questions, grievances, or other issues concerning their employment should reach out to their Department Steward or the Chief Steward, who will advise them on matters relating to the Collective Agreement.

The duties of the Stewards include processing the grievances of department members, representing members in grievance meetings, and acting as a liaison between members and the Executive Committee.

In the case of a strike, Stewards shall sit on the Strike Committee.

LHAE: Ateeqa Arain

Ateeqa is a first year PhD student in the ELP program. She previously completed her Master’s at OISE as well her Bachelor of Education. Her research interests are teacher leadership, teacher self-efficacy, student achievement and distributive leadership.

As a department steward for CUPE 3907, she hopes to expand on her conflict resolution skills and build on her leadership capabilities and to facilitate advocacy for fellow GAs. You can contact Ateeqa at lhaesteward@cupe3907.ca

APHD: Hannah Whitehead

Hannah is a first year MA student in the Developmental Psychology and Education program. She has experience advocating for students at her undergraduate institution in her role as Wellness Education Coordinator. In this position, in addition to leading a team of wellness peer educators, Hannah advocated for greater community access to wellness resources and greater transparency from the administration regarding their efforts to improve student wellness.

In her role as APHD departmental steward, Hannah hopes to utilize her skills in communication and leadership to facilitate graduate assistant advocacy. You can contact Hannah at aphdsteward@cupe3907.ca

SJE: Sarah Alam

You can contact Sarah at sjesteward@cupe3907.ca