Committees are open to all members who in turn have full committee voting rights and privileges. Committee members are expected to attend all committee meetings, as well as membership meetings and maintain communication with the Executive and the Local.

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Bargaining Committee

The function of the Bargaining Committee is to prepare collective bargaining proposals and to  negotiate a Collective Agreement. The Committee shall develop and present bargaining
proposals to the membership for approval.

The Committee will make recommendations to the Executive Committee and Bargaining Support/Strike Committee regarding application for conciliation and mediation and the timing of Strike Votes.

The Committee shall report regularly to the membership, Stewards, Bargaining Support Committee, and Executive Committee during the tenure of negotiations.

Bylaw Committee:

This committee will ensure that the Local Union’s bylaws are written in clear language, ensuring that clear language does not change the intent or meaning of the bylaws. This committee reviews the bylaws annually and makes recommendations to the Executive Board on proposed amendments.

Equity and Human Rights Committee

The Equity and Human Rights Committee has a broad mandate to tackle systemic and other oppressive issues that affect equity-seekers. The Committee shall mobilize the membership in support of equity objectives.

Communications and Outreach Committee

The Committee shall develop and maintain a Communications Strategic Plan. The mandate of the Committee includes reviewing and analyzing the Local’s communications as well as to provide advice and recommendations to the Executive Committee and the membership.

Education Committee

The Education Committee shall promote member education and a strong human rights activist commitment and engagement within the Local, the labour movement and the community. The duties on the Committee include determining the educational needs of the membership, stewards and executive officers and facilitating or directing them to the requisite training, workshop, conference or educational to address the learning need(s).

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