Top-Up Benefit Plan

Plan Year runs from September 1st to August 31st. Plans are non-contributory (100% U of T paid). If you are a member of CUPE 3907 and are employed for at least one term; then you are eligible for coverage under the CUPE 3907 top-up benefit plan.

Plan status and dependent eligibility is based on Student Plan enrollment each year. CUPE 3907 members do not need to do anything to enroll. You coverage will begin once Green Shield Canada (GSC) receives the information that you are eligible under your CUPE 3907 appointment. This will be late October/early November each year.

Eligible employees enrolled under the student plan will be eligible for coverage under the CUPE 3907 Health Care Plan A – Top-up + HCSA

  • You can access the most up-to-date Benefit Booklet online through your Green Shield Canada account.
  • The individual HCSA is worth $300/year. The Family HCSA has a value of $600/year.

Eligible employees who have opted out of the UTGSU plans will participate in the CUPE 3907 Health Care Plan B – HCSA only plan

  • You will only be eligible for coverage under the $300 HCSA-only plan regardless of whether you have eligible spouse/partner or dependent children

The Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) is like a bank account that you can use to pay for eligible health and dental expenses not fully covered by your group benefits plan or your provincial health plan. It also covers a wide range of health and dental expenses such as medical equipment, drugs and medications, eyeglasses, paramedical practitioners and orthodontic expenses, as well as co-payments or deductibles. This form, created by Green Shield Canada, shows eligible expenses under your Health Care Spending Account.

How to submit

Once you have been enrolled into the appropriate plan by the University, you will be able to sign up for online services with Green Shield. Online services allow you to view your benefits guide, submit claims online, and sign up for direct deposit allowing you to receive reimbursements quickly. You may use either the website or app to register – we recommend using the website, and then downloading the app!

  • Sign in or register to access Plan Member Online Service
  • To download the app, GSC mobile app
  • Should you require any assistance setting up your account, you may call Green Shield directly Toll-free: (1-888-711-1119)

Before submitting a claim for the first time, here are 3 things to remember:

  • Use your name as it appears on your student /UOFT enrollment, and include your current  address
  • Submit first under your GSU plan. Your Top-up Plan is the secondary payer.
  • Keep a copy of receipts and the explanation of benefits for co-ordination purposes. Green Shield Canada (GSC) conducts routine audits of online submitted claims. If you are chosen for an audit, your claim will not be paid until you provide these items as proof of payment and/or reimbursement.

Top-Up Plan FAQ – have a question about your CUPE 3907 Health Care top-up plan? Check here first for an answer!